Holiday Gift Guide - Preschoolers

1. Spooner Board - This balance board is perfect for active preschoolers! It's great for learning skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.
2. Polly Pocket - Babies of the 80's know and love the old school Polly Pocket. This new version is slightly bigger and perfect for days when travel and restaurant eating are part of our routines again!
3. Suspend Junior - A balance game that's fun for kids and adults. Added bonus-kids can play alone too!
4. Windy City Rainbow Mini Crew - A cozy rainbow crew neck perfect for e-learning or a rainy day playing board games with mom and dad!
5. Super Mario Uno - The game says 6+ but this is perfect for 4 and 5-year-olds who know their numbers! The Super Mario images make it easier to match for little ones!
6. Hape Domino Set - This set is great for STEM development and is perfect for independent play.
7. FurReal Walkalots Dino - Your little one is begging for a pet?? Problem solved- grab one of these FurReal Walkalots and let your kiddo walk their new pet around the house!
8. Transformers Rescue Bots Academy - These transformers are easy enough for little ones and provide hours of entertainment transforming them from vehicle to robot. 
9. Pop Snap Bead Jewelry Kit - This self-contained set is perfect for little ones who want to make their own jewelry and the pieces are easy enough to snap together that they won't need much help from Mom and Dad.
10. Magic Tracks - A staple in our house for rainy days, these tracks are easy to set up and create hours of entertainment!