Guest Blog: Practical Ideas for a Magical Halloween in 2020

Author: Kristin Louis 

For many kids, Halloween is the highlight of their year. They get to dress up as their favorite character, engage in spooky activities, and eat lots of sweets. 

This year, some of the activities your family is accustomed to may not be an option because of social distancing guidelines and other reasons related to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that this Halloween can’t be just as special as you had hoped. At State of Play Kids, we’re all about finding ways for families to have fun. That’s why we’ve put together these practical ideas for how you can have an awesome Halloween in the COVID-19 era:

Get Handy

There is plenty of fun to be had this Halloween, as long as you’re down for a little DIY.

Keep It Indoors

When it comes to activities, there are many things you can do inside your home.

  • Get the paint out, and make zombie rocks.
  • Set up a fall sticky tree, and let your kids go wild!
  • Use video chat to watch parades, hold a costume party, and/or play various games with friends and family from a distance.
  • Have an indoor campout; set up some tents, and tell ghost stories into the wee hours of the night.

Take It Outside

There are also a lot of outdoor activities you can do this Halloween:

  • Visit a local pumpkin patch or corn maze; just be sure to follow any pandemic-related guidelines.
  • Invite the neighborhood kids over for a backyard cornhole tournament.
  • Set out a few pumpkins, and play pumpkin ring toss.
  • Bob for apples; you just need a tub, water, and apples.
  • Check to see if any local organizations or business establishments are holding a trunk-or-treat, or host your own!

It’s not surprising that things will be a little different this Halloween. But don’t give up on having a good time just yet. Give these activities a try, and see if you don’t have the most fun-filled Halloween ever!

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