Favorite Podcasts

I got bit by the podcast bug a few years ago when I had a long commute for work. The past few years podcasts took a back seat for reality tv and mom-life but now that I'm working part-time from home with a 2 and 4 year old, my obsession is back in full force. I plug my headphones in, turn the laptop on, and get lost in the world of true-crime, news, and interviews. These are a few of my current favorites getting me through the current stay-at-home-order life.

  • Cutthroat Inc. - A true-story about two young guys who are in business together and become super successful. Things take a turn and 1 of the guys goes off the grid and things get strange. The series is still running and there are only 3 episodes so far. It seems like murder (my absolute fave podcast genre) is definitely coming in the next few episodes.
  • This is Actually Happening - Crazy, uncanny, episodes about things that have actually happened to people. My favorite so far was "What if it happened in broad daylight?"...so crazy.
  • Criminal Conduct - Another current true-crime series about a woman who dies from a gunshot wound to the head while in the same apartment with her police officer boyfriend. It's deemed a suicide despite lots of suspicious details. Things get weirder years later when a random stranger decides to investigate her death and also winds up dead. 
  • The Daily - I've never been a news junkie but Coronavirus has definitely made me more inclined to be up to date on current events. This podcast has a good combo of human interest pieces and interviews. The episodes are short and they have a new one every day. 
  • How I Built This - I always turn to this series when I want to feel inspired. The host interviews founders of some amazing companies about how they built their empires. Larabar, Rent the Runway, Shopify, Soulcycle and TOMS were some of my faves!
  • iweigh with Jameela Jamil- A new series with interesting interviews about the definition of self-worth. The host is funny and the Beanie Feldstein (never knew she was Jonah Hill's sister!) episode is so good!
  • The Thing About Pam - A crazy dateline special about a murder and a crazy woman. It makes you question how it all actually happened. It's an oldie but a goodie.
  • Dateline - Whenever I can't find something good to listen to, I scroll the archive of episodes Dateline has and I'm never disappointed. I love listening to an episode and googling the people on it after to see if the image of the characters in my head matches the actual people...so far it never has but I'm thinking one of these days I'll get it...it's the little things.